COMING SOON ! The French Canadian Don Cherry " Dorismary "

posted Aug 23, 2010, 7:43 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 24, 2010, 5:12 AM ]
He's the most controversial NHL Anaylist south of the Canadian Boarder since Don "Grapes " Cherry of HNIC and Coaches Corner Fame and with over 40 years of following Professional Hockey and over 20 years between the pipes while twice leading his B league team in total penalty minutes . His NHL knowledge especially Old Time Hockey is second to none and nobody can match his wit as he just doesnt study the stats he also knows the True behind the scene stories .
He speaks his mind freely and fears nobody and when asked if hes a racist especially to the english speaking pigs in Toronto  he said no as he hates everyone equally ! something you dont see much of these days eh !
When asked his Greatest All-Time- NHL Team he had this to say , Marty Broduer could win a thousand games and still not sniff The Great Patrick Roy jock as Patrick with his goalie coach Francois Allaire revoulutionized The Butterfly style of goaltending .
He also says the Great One was Great but Robert Gordon Orr was better even with a injury shortened career and Bobby could also drop the gloves .
For fire he likes Maurice le Rocket Richard and pure speed he says Le Flower Guy Lafluer even when he was smoking three packs a day .
But Dorismary isnt living in the past as he knows The New NHL also but still think's there's too much Euro trash influence in the current NHL .
He says on the NHL Economy : Other Pro leagues in Europe have limits on North Americian and Canadian players but not the NHL so how about less Tuukka Rask's and more Bouwmeester's and Kaner's Mr. Bettman as most of these Europeans take NHL $$$ back to their own countries and out of the USA and Canada .
And dont get Dorismary The Goalie started on the current NHL Rules ,with salary caps screwing the current NHL Championship Black Hawks out of a future Dynasty  ,  rules especially with shootouts , trapazoids and shrunken Goalie gear as its not figure skating its hockey Dam it ! 
And if you havent tried the EA's  NHL 11 Demo stop what your doing now and check it out  ! Run its that good .