My name is Matt and I've been playing the EA NHL game series since NHL 94.  I have been addicted every year and usually finish a season or two.  However, since NHL 08 I ve taken an active interest into sharing my rosters that i have created and shared them online.  Lately, I think i do more editing then playing LOL.  NHL 13 is by far my favorite game.  I finally even learned the newer controls as I liked keeping it ol school.  This year, I have also enjoyed playing using the broadcast view which has brought the presentation level to a new height!  I live in the Toronto area and I love the maple leafs...I keep playing this game to keep my enthusiasm strong for my leafs.  I admit I get caught up in the rumors and the media so I tend to create the trades i really want in my BEAGM.  However, I also believe in true to life realism and accurate rosters and I try to have a season going with up to date and accurate rosters.  I love this series and enjoy helping create an "ultimate" roster.

Contact:  mattg123@ultimatehockey.info


my name is Leafnut and I've been playing the NHL series since 2005. That was the first NHL game I ever played on pc and I was hooked ever since. Since then I bought NHL 94, 06,07,08,09,11,12, and most recently NHL 13. Always been a fan of the series. Other than playing hockey games I also play MLB the Show, COD, NBA 2K, Infamous, Uncharted, and Fifa. Some of my hobbies include being a Leaf fan, playing the piano, baseball, collecting hockey cards, and obviously video games. I also have a job in hockey itself as a production assistant with the Oshawa Generals of the OHL. This means I am a camera man, graphics operator, etc. It's a great opportunity as I've had the opportunity to talk to NHL players past and present, guys like Michael Del Zotto, Doug Gilmour, Brad May, Dale Hawerchuk, and Darcy Tucker. 


 I've been playing hockey video games since 2005, during the lock-out. That game took me into watching hockey when the lock-out ended. Until 2007, I played the 2K series, but since 2008, I'm with EA.   I live in Quebec City. I speak French as my main language. I love sciences and study in that domain. I want to study in engineering at university. I like to play video games such as LittleBigPlanet, Assassin's Creed, Cities XL, the Sims 3, etc. besides sports games.   I'm just a regular hockey fan. My favorite team is Montreal, and I watch every game they play. I'll sometimes watch some other hyped games, especially involving the Canucks, the Flyers, the Senators and the Blackhawks. I've only started to watch hockey, like I said, after the lock-out, at around 12 years old. I didn't have the chance to go to many NHL games as I live in Quebec, but I go to Rempart games a few times a year to see great prospects. I love to read about upcoming stars, and this is why I can do all these CAPs. :p   
I love the Be a GM mode, would it be offline or online. It kind off makes me feel like a GM and I have fun by just simming seasons and managing my team. 
In real hockey, I like fast teams that play a creative style and make great plays. In NHL13, I love to play a tight defensive game, and whenever I get the chance, I'll try to get into the offensive zone and create space and opportunities by using some creative dekes.