Goalie Edits

GoalPro and SirPsychoT have teamed up to bring you Goalie Edits for NHL 11! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the edits, please feel free to email me at
goalpro@ultimatehockey.info or SirPsychoT at tk.sj.hull@gmail.com.
The Goalie Edit section for NHL 11 has been revamped! There is now:
-32 sets
-9 customizable zones (instead of 4 in NHL10)
-Logo Color customization (instead of white/black in NHL10)

NHL11 Goalie Edits

Team Colors:
Team Color Palette:
Custom Colors:
Scroll Bar: 0-40 (#0 is white/black)
Custom Color Palette:
Example: Yellow (CC 5-20)
-5 over on the top scroll bar.
-select #20 according to the Custom Color Palette