Program to Extract is WinRAR   Download its free!   wrar371.exe     (from
NHL 12 XBOX Instructions
I also supplied a read me file with slightly different instructions
But people find below very easy to follow
Copied from Operation Sports by Cableant
For real link and screenshots click here
Madden = NHL 12 for purposes of instructions below
Guide to transferring Roster files to USB flash drive (X360 Users)

I know there is another guide already posted I just thought it may help some to have a few screen shots. I tried to make it as simple as possible. Feel free to add any suggestions.

First off you are going to need these two programs for your PC/ Laptop or whatever you have.

USBXTAFGUI-v44 (USB explorer program)
MODIO (used to rehash/resign your roster file)

Extract the two programs to your desktop or anywhere you will be able to find them.

Next you need to have your own roster file that is on your USB. (this will have your unique profile and device id)

Start Madden.
• Choose My Madden --> File Management-->Save
• Hit Y-Button and make sure you have chosen your USB as device. (Memory Unit)
• Hit A-Button to save a new roster to the USB drive. (I named it “YourRoster” for the tutorial)
• You can now exit madden and remove the USB drive.

Open USBXTAFGUI-v44 after inserting USB drive into pc.

Click on File --> Open Device Selector --> Select your USB Memory Unit

Click on Data Partition -->Content--> E0000--> 45410937--> 00000001
You should see "YourRoster" file in the window to the right.

Drag and drop “YourRoster” to your desktop or right click and Extract.

Open up Modio

Select Open a save and select "YourRoster" file. (where you extracted it)
You should see this window.

Select Open a save again and select the downloaded roster save. (Custom roster) You should have two windows open.

Notice the Profile and Device id's do not match.

Copy and Paste the Profile and Device id’s from "YourRoster" save to the Custom roster save.

The Profile and Device id's should now match.

Hit Rehash/Resign in the Custom roster window. If you miss this step it will not work.
You can now close Modio.

Back in USBXTAFGUI-v44 either drag and drop your resigned Custom roster into the file list or right click and hit Inject then choose the Custom roster.

It will look like this

You can also delete your original roster file."YourRoster".


Fire up Madden and load up your updated rosters.
Before you start:

***If upgrading roster to newer version or getting both ultimate and overseas....install each roster seperate one at a time

...also make sure you delete previous PS3 folder on usb stick before installing next that there is no extra confusion

IMPORTANT:  Download WINRAR so you extract the file after downloading ..IF NO WINRAR..then download the SYS DATA file at bottom (only for latest NHL 10 Utimate Roster and skip extract step)

1. First in-game create and save a roster called Ultimate (preferably) for NHL or Overseas for the overseas league roster

2.  Exit the game and go to the main PS3 menu - Using the Save Data Utility Menu find your roster and press triangle and COPY it to your USB stick

3.  Download my roster onto your desktop and Extract using Winrar - A sys data file will appear.  COPY IT

4.  Put your USB stick into your compueter and open your USB Drive - You should see a PS3 folder and inside that a SAVEDATA folder and inside that a BLUSxxx folder.  

5.  VERY IMPORTANT STEP TO AVOID CORRUPTION ERRORS:  Here you will erase the sys data file found in your BLUS folder and COPY AND PASTE my sys data file that you downloaded found your desktop.

6.  Take out USB stick from computer and put back into PS3

7.  On PS3 Main MENU go back to the SAVE DATA UTILITY MENU  find your USB stick at the top and press triangle to COPY and OVERWRITE the roster

LOAD in game and enjoy

If your still having difficulties you may email me and i walk you through

NHL 09 Instructions Only for NTSC

PAL users follow same instructions as NHL 10

1. Download the roster file and save it to your desktop.
3. Extract it by (right-click the file and choose "extract here")
4. You will see a folder called PS3 with this folder structure intact: PS3/SAVEDATA/…(roster file). 
5. Copy the PS3 folder to any USB device you have; a flash drive, a mp3 player, whatever.
6. In the main PS3 menu, scroll right to “Game, move up to “Saved Data Utilty” and then “USB Device”.
7. Locate the NHL Rosters file and press triangle to copy it over to your PS3’s hard drive

If your still having difficulties you may email me and i walk you through