Roster News

Rosters Coming for XBOX 360 and PS3 PAL SOON

Ultimate 4.5 Released Feb 3
- some moves
- updated ratings
- correct jersey numbers and captains

Ultimate 4 released jan 27/13
-  todays rosters and lineups
- some rating tweaks
- ready for opening day

Ultimate 3.1  BEAGM Roster Released (labelled ultimate3 in game)
- Full NHL and AHL and prospects and more!!!!
- lots of CHL prospects

NHL 13 PS3 Roster 2.5 now released
- updated transactions
- many sims test and rating tweaks
- some potentials
- other tweaks

Leafsnut created a PS3 OHL roster which is now released
-150 plus caps
- goalie equipment
- full rosters
- all transactions
- and more
enjoy for season mode

NHL 13 Ultimate Roster 2.0 is Released
released Oct 15th
 (NEW) NHL and AHL true rosters and depth charts
All transactions for all leagues
 (NEW) 25+caps in AHL
Around 5 caps in NHL
(NEW)  Over 75+ in chl
 (NEW) Chl true 23 man rosters
True Goalie equipment
(NEW) Over 300 Rating Adjustments
Consistent to EA's system - rating adjustments (important due to players coming up in future seasons)
(NEW)  True potentials 
(NEW)  Future 2013 14 and 15 draft prospects
NCAA and khl prospects made and put in Czech league ( only league not really updated)
23 man rosters 
(NEW)  23 man ahl rosters
 (NEW) Meets 50 contract maximum so movement will be allowed and not overloaded and not letting u sign ur prospects
Salary cap ready
Ready for all modes and be a gm