NHL 13/12 PS3 Instructions
Just a refresher for those of you who want this...

1.On your USB flash drive make a folder named PS3
2. Within the PS3 folder make a folder SAVEDATA.
3. From there simply drag the entire BLUS .... folder into the SAVEDATA folder
4. Safely eject USB and insert into PS3
5. At the PS3 start screen, go to Game then scroll up to Saved Data Utility (PS3)
6. Find USB Device and press X
7. A file called "ultimate" rosters will show up with the NHL 12 icon of Steven Stamkos, press triangle and then Copy
8. You'll get prompted that there are already a file with this name do you want to overwrite. Click yes (there should be three prompts)
9. Load up the game and go to My NHL 12, then to Save/Load/Delete
10. Select Load and then rosters and the "ultimate" file should be there, select it and VOILA! The rosters loaded...


Big thanks to OS member for writing this
XBOX 360 Instructions
Click here to view link (these instructions were made for Madden but they will work for NHL too)
Instructions: ( I believe ) please let me know if i made any mistakes

How to get the Ultimate NHL Roster for XBOX 360
Fairly simply just take your time please

Before you start AND when updating a roster to another version please reformat your stick.
1. Get a USB stick and stick in xbox and go to main dashboard
- Go to Setting ---> Memory ---> USB stick and Configure it to work as a hard drive
2. Go in game and save a roster called roster on to your USB drive (Do not name it ultimate)
- if you cant find it and want to be extra sure press Y to choose hard drive on NHL saving roster screen.

Now on your computer
1. With XStaf 360 Xplorer do the following:
- dir E0000F75A3E9254
- dir 45410964
- dir 00000001

2. Find the roster you saved and extract it to your desktop

3. open the CONcept 3.0 program
Select the SINGLE CON TAB should be by default
OPEN the roster file you just saved to your desktop from your XBox
OPEN - the ultimate roster file that you downloaded
CLICK REHASH/RESIGN - wait until it says "Idle" before closing the program
4. Now go back to program ...XStaf 360 Xplorer and click Inject button
Find the ultimate file you just created on your desktop
5. Safetly remove USB from computer and put in your xbox
Go to Dashboard and go to settings --> memory --->
select usb ---> games --> NHL12 and find ultimate roster and save it on to your main hard drive
6. Open and load roster in game
7. Enjoy